WaMoH’s Patreon

Rx3 and Cei have launched a Patreon account for WaMoH! Patreon is a crowd-funding system where you can donate small increments each month to assist the creation of the comic. Each donation tier has rewards as thanks from the creators, …

Halloween MonsterHive Mash

Halloween at MonsterHive!

Some Halloween event updates from Arby: Minecraft Haunted House Contest This weekend, Rurik will reopen the Monsterhive Minecraft server in creative mode – and so begin the haunted house contest! Everyone whitelisted to use the server are invited to create …

WaMoH's Second Anniversary!

WaMoH’s Second Anniversary!

With a word from Rx3: Today WaMoH turns 2 years old. Like last year, it’s difficult to imagine time has gone by so fast. A lot has changed, both related to the comic and outside of it. There’s a lot …

Messenger turns 9

Messenger turns 9

Today, Messenger turns 9! It is written and drawn by Bugbyte. Messenger is the story of a band of survivors making their way in a post-apocalyptic future. Akiara Kenakobe escapes her tribal home on the wasteland following the death of …

Happy Beeday!

Happy Beeday! Today is MonsterHive’s first birthday! We are celebrating with a few events spread over the next couple of weeks, and to start, we present these special-edition Hivechievements to members of the Beetown IRC who have been with us …

HiveCast 11: Death We Hardly Knew Ye

HiveCast Episode 11: Death, We Hardly Knew Ye

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:32:15 — 84.9MB) | Embed Chu, Rurik, Pyreaux, Bugbyte and Pompolic take a lighthearted look at a not so lighthearted subject: death! Character deaths in comics and other media has been constantly …

HiveCast Episode 10

HiveCast Episode 10: Where’s My Reboot Reboot?

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:40:16 — 92.2MB) | Embed First off, the Hive requests a favor! If you listen to the HiveCast and use iTunes, please consider giving us a review. It doesn’t have to be …

Hive Crossing: Town Tuesdays

Hive Crossing: Town Tuesdays

So #beetown has been all about Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. Let’s all get together on Tuesdays and visit each other’s towns! Meet up in the #beetown IRC! See you Tuesday!



Today is Grayling’s birthday! Arborwin has been posting pages of the current iteration of the comic since 2010. In so many stories about fantasy worlds, the protagonist encounters some ancient gods who have been locked away for zillions of years, …